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Todd Clement is the founder and mastermind behind Wide Open Baja, an entity that successfully introduced thousands of people and organizations to the thrill and culture of off-roading in Baja, Mexico. Beginning in 1998, Clement developed the most sophisticated adventure-based touring organization ever conceived, engaging both individual thrill-seekers and Fortune 500 corporations. Leaving Wide Open Baja in 2007, Todd has now returned to the unique business he first pioneered.


Your off-road adventure begins at Horsepower Ranch, a legendary 50-room hotel and resort located just outside of Ensenada, Mexico. The history of this off-road mecca can be traced back to the 1920’s, when prohibition drove Americans south of the border to enjoy their favorite libations in the facility’s amazingly authentic cantina. Spread out over 100 manicured acres, the early years of this place are full of legend and folklore, with stories of notorious gangster Al Capone’s visits still popular with the local community.

Today, Horsepower Ranch maintains its unique heritage and mystique while now playing host to the spirited adventure-seeking off-road community. Today’s popular Ford Raptor was first unveiled to the world here, and international celebrities such as Paul Newman, Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and Patrick Dempsey have visited. Motorsports icons Mario Andretti, Ivan Stewart, Parnelli Jones, Walker Evans and many others have celebrated Baja’s special magic within these hallowed walls. The past and present form a powerful combination that can only be experienced at Horsepower Ranch. Now, it’s your turn.